Declutter your digital life.

Unlock the power of productivity with Portals: Desktop Organization – where clutter-free desktops become a reality.

Latest Version: v2.1.0.6
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Create a clutter free desktop.

Easily organize your files and folders into folder portals, which show the contents of folders on your desktop.

Feature Filled.


Keep your desktop clean by minimizing your Portals. Only expand when you need them.


Bring your Portals to the front of all windows, giving you immediate access to all of your files. Send the Portals back again when done. All with a simple keyboard shortcut.


Find what you need easily. Search your portals with live filtering as your type.

Customize to your Heart's Content

Get creative with color.

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Display your way.

Control the header position. Control the visibility of almost everything. Control the size & spacing of icons and text.

Get familiar with fonts.

Control font, font size, font style & font color. Add dropshadow effects.

And tons more...

Rounded corners, borders, icons sizes... download and install to see for yourself.

The reviews speak for themselves...

“Really good app, love it so far. If you want lightweight alternative to Fences this is the best option in my opinion..”
“It is a excellent alternative to fences, it's lightweight, simple and FREE! Amazing!.”
“Top class utility. Previous user of Fences here, but wanted something more lightweight and low-friction. Plenty of options, and fits my use cases perfectly. I have a – deliberately - chaotic desktop, this keeps things nicely ordered and hidden until needed. Highly recommended.”

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