Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports & feature requests on GitHub and via email!

Changelog (v2.1.0.6):

  • Fixed Expand/Minimize caret color not following chosen color scheme.
  • Added #54 – setting to enable Double-Click Desktop to show/hide all Portals. (Note: Desktop needs to be the active window i.e. double clicking the desktop behind another active window will not work).
  • Added #42 – ability to have Portal specific icon sizes
  • Fixed #49 – UAC Error – Portals won’t crash, instead it will do nothing.
  • Fixed #43 – Access Denied Error – Portals won’t crash but throw a message instead.
  • Added #56 – Enter key on selected icon will now Open it
  • Added #38 – F2 key on selected item will activate rename.
  • Fixed #39 – Right Click near edge of Portal Item will now show the correct menu.